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Air Conditioning Repair

Strong Tower is a Friendly, Family-Owned Company. Expect Great Service!

When it comes to choosing services for your air conditioning and heating needs, we want you to be delighted with the service you receive from us. Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating has been servicing the Houston area since 2005. We provide our clients with top notch air conditioning, heating, repair services, maintenance, installations, sales, and duct cleaning. We support many varieties of air conditioning units and heating units; including residential, new construction, and commercial. When was the last time you had an A/C tune-up? You’re just one call away from cool and comfort; dial 281-802-0872 and schedule your air conditioning repair in Houston, TX today!

Why Choose Strong Tower AC?

  • 1We hate hidden fees just as much as you do. Our upfront pricing is honest and all-inclusive.
  • 2All of our technicians are certified, factory trained.
  • 3We make sure your system is installed as the manufacturer intended.
  • 4We perform no-cost consultations and designs for your new system.
  • 5We work with you and your finances, one-on-one, in order to make your repairs and replacements affordable.
  • 6We never recommend replacement if your unit only needs repair.
  • 7We’re clean and efficient.
  • 8We’ll lay down floor protection and use protective shoes to preserve your floors and carpeting.
  • 9We began right here in Houston. We’re still family owned!
  • 10Respect for our customers isn’t just a vague idea, it’s the motto that we live by!

AC Services

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Our Friendly Technicians Will Carefully Inspect Your AC System and Outline Needed Repairs!

Anytime your family or business requires emergency air conditioning repair in Houston, TX or the surrounding areas, you can always depend on our team at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating for prompt, reliable service! The trained and experienced technicians from our team offer repairs for both aging systems and the latest HVAC technology. Whenever you have an AC crisis, you can contact us at 281-802-0872, and we’ll send someone as quickly as possible to inspect your system and restore your fresh, cool air. Give us a call today!

Air Conditioner Replacement

No matter advanced, modern, or resilient, every HVAC system will eventually break down and fail. Planning ahead and finding a replacement that fits your budget and functional requirements could potentially save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars when your aging system finally reaches the end of its life cycle. Of course, our knowledgeable experts at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating would love to help you discover your perfect replacement. We’ll then provide professional installation service for your new unit at a price that’s both affordable and fair. Why don’t you call us today and get a quote on your AC replacement?

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Air Conditioning Repair

If Your Family or Business is Hunting For Energy Savings, Try a High-Efficiency AC Unit!

Do you know what uses the most energy in your home? Out of all the appliances in your home, including your hot water heater, television, refrigerator, and laundry machines, your heating and cooling systems consume the most energy every day (almost 50%). That’s because your HVAC system is constantly working to maintain a cozy resting temperature for your family.

What if you could take one of the largest sources of energy usage in your home and significantly cut down on costs? An energy-efficient HVAC system can save your family hundreds of dollars every year on heating and cooling expenses, and thousands of dollars over the course of its lifetime. You can take advantage of new programmable thermostats to enhance your energy-efficiency even further. If these extensive savings even remotely pique your interest, talk with one of our specialists at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating about getting an estimate for your home!

Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to day to day life, few of us pay sufficient attention to our home’s air quality. The cleanliness of your air supply has a marked impact on your family’s health. While clean air leaves us feeling refreshed and alert, contaminated air can irritate skin, aggravate allergies, and even produce respiratory difficulties. That’s why our team provides whole house air filtration and purification systems, so that you can rest assured your air quality is at its finest.

Because we live in an environment that’s constantly dealing with elevated humidity, many homeowners take large steps to eliminate moisture from their residence’s ambient air. However, overcompensation often leads to extreme levels of dryness, which leads to skin problems, nose bleeds, and throat soreness. Our team offers whole house humidifiers to help combat excessive dryness, so that your family can once again breathe in comfort!

Heating Solutions

Emergency Furnace & Heater Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Locating the Real Source of Your Heating Malfunction is Essential, Especially for Your Furnace.

Your furnace and heater play important roles in conditioning your home’s environment. Malfunctions in these portions of your HVAC system can quickly transform your home into an igloo, especially during the cold winter season. If that ever happens in your home, bring your emergency repair needs to experienced technicians. As a safety measure, these machines (especially your furnace) tend to completely shut down when one component fails. You’ll want an expert on hand to ensure that you’ve truly dealt with the source of the problem, otherwise you could be facing a repeat visit. When you need a trusted professional for your heating and air conditioning repair in Houston, TX, call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team at 281-802-0872.

Gas & Electric Furnace Repair

Whether your home relies on a traditional gas system or a newer electric, you can depend on our trained and certified technicians to provide lasting results with your furnace repairs. Your furnace is one of the most sensitive components of your HVAC system; one small part failure can lead to complete system shutdown. That’s why our professionals carry a sizable replacement part reserve, so that we can provide faster repairs and get your furnace running again. If your furnace has broken down, call the experienced team you know you can trust!

Heater Repair

The professionals at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating provide several affordable solutions for your heating system, including repairs and general maintenance. We’re happy to help with whatever service your home or business needs! If your home is stuck without sufficient heating in the middle of winter, you can call us. If your business is looking to avoid costly emergency repairs during the cold seasons, you can easily schedule cost-efficient maintenance visits.

Parts Replacement

AC & Heater Parts Replacement

Air Conditioning Repair

Looking for New Parts for Your AC System? Let Us Help You Find and Install Them!

Have you ever scheduled air conditioner repairs or heating service for your home, only to be left waiting for several days while your replacement part is ordered? We know that you hate that, and so do we! That’s why our company stocks a vast assortment of AC and heater replacement parts. With our parts selection, we can provide faster repairs to get your system running smoothly and your family comfortable again. You can see for yourself all the major brands that we carry and support! That’s one more reason why so many homeowners and businesses choose Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating for their air conditioning repair in Houston, TX. Is your home or company currently without a working HVAC system? Give us a call at 281-802-0872 and tell us about your needs.

  • AC Parts Replacement Need to exchange some expired parts for your air conditioning? Call our team for fast service!
  • HVAC Thermostat Repair Find yourself a brand new thermostat that can better serve your home and provide energy savings.
  • Blower Repair & Replacement Your blower is one of the most important parts of cycling air through your system.
  • Inducer Motor Replacement If your inducer motor has burnt out from constant use, be sure to schedule a replacement with our team.
  • Pressure Switch Replacement When your pressure switch fails, you may have a difficult time activating parts of your HVAC system.
  • Heat Exchanger Replacement Heat exchangers can release dangerous fumes into your household when broken. Call if yours has broken down.
  • HVAC Relay Replacement An important part that works in tandem with your thermostat, your relay switch needs fast replacement if it fails.
  • ECM Motors Replacement Having problems with reduced blowing capabilities or power loss? You may need a new ECM motor.
  • HVAC Hard Start Kits Have a new hard start kit installed to help your HVAC system start with lower power requirements.

AC Parts Replacement

Do you know why our courteous, professional technicians bring a wide array of spare parts on each service call? We do this in case our clients need repairs that require fast AC part replacement. After all, we don’t want you waiting for days (without air conditioning) while a part comes in from somewhere else. Our team wants your AC system restored quickly, just as much as you do. So give our team a call today and schedule your inspection and repair appointment!

  • Compressor Repair & Replacement Compressors have the important function of squeezing the heat out of coolant. If yours is damaged, call our team!
  • AC Fan Repair & Replacement If your fan is dinged or warped, you can depend on our professionals to repair or replace it for you.
  • AC Coil Cleaning Our coil cleaning and replacement allows your HVAC system to save money with higher efficiency.
  • Condenser Motor Replacement Whether old age or burnout has caused your condenser motor to fail, we can provide your replacement!