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One of the most disruptive experiences homeowner’s can experience is elemental damage to their homes. When your home takes in water, either from a natural disaster, busted pipe, or faulty construction it is imperative to act quickly. Water is a sinister enemy when it comes to the integrity of your home- one that takes time to overcome the damage it brings with it. The first issue you must address to stop further deterioration in your home is ensuring all of the moisture is out of your space. This means tearing everything damaged out, opening walls, and bringing in industrial fans to dry the space out. Once you have taken every measure to remove the moisture you have to check your home for mold. You will have to test in the walls, ceiling, under the floors, everywhere water or evaporating moisture could have been trapped! Once you are sure you have removed all materials that cannot be dried, or test positive for mold you can begin to address the reconstruction of your damaged home.

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The contractor’s of Strong Tower AC & Heating know how trying of an experience having water damage to your home can be. We have the knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease while completing a reconstruction project for your family. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently handle the damage to your home and allow you to get back to your regular life. No one should feel like they are living in a construction zone, let us help you get your home back so you can spend you energy and time doing the things you want with the people you love.

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Strong Tower A/C & Heating is a family-owned and operated company, which means everyone who works on a project for you, cares about doing their best because it is our reputation at stake. We have over ten years of experience providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Our mission is to work with Honesty, Quality and Value in all instances- every time, no exceptions. Strong Tower A/C and Heating proudly serves Spring Branch, TX and The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to: Bear CreekBunker Hill VillageCopperfieldHedwig VillageHunters CreekJersey VillageMemorial VillagesPiney PointSpring Branch and Spring Valley. .

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