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Zoning might be the solution to your home or office comfort! The art of zoning a home or building is simple – set the individual control of different areas instead of having only one thermostat to control the entire space. This can be done by having multiple systems or by using a single system with a multi-speed compressor along with a duct system with electronic dampers. The HVAC zone systems Houston technicians at Strong Tower A/C and Heating can help you with all your zoning needs. You count on us to provide the solution to all you comfort and air quality concerns.

Zoning is especially useful for houses that have two levels and just one mechanical system. In this situation, one is experiencing comfortable, while the other level uncomfortable. Another design can include the living space on one zone, while setting an alternate area is in another zone. Zoning can also help businesses that have different needs throughout their office area. One area may have a lot of people while another area might have few people but a lot of equipment that produces heat. Each area should be individually controlled for “zoned” comfort. We are the HVAC zone systems Houston experts at installing zoning systems to help you enjoy the comfort you desire in your home or business.

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Best Zone Systems Companies in Houston

A good performing AC & Heating zoned system has the ability to produce cool air and heat each zone independently. It can contain a priority zone while others wait to follow after the priority zone thermostat demand along with the HVAC zone controller boards that show what the zone(s) are doing including supply air temperatures.

While you can pay less upfront for a cheaper system without these features you’ll end up paying more the first time you start having problems with it. Because it will take longer to repair it every time it malfunctions. We understand how to properly install and use zone systems which is why we are referred as one of the best zone systems companies in Houston.

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