A UV Air Purifier Means a Better AC System
This has been one of the most intense flu seasons ever recorded in American history, making it one that will go down in the books. While it is February now, we are still not out of the woods with an influx of highly contagious germs and viruses running rampant. Everyone knows the basic precautions to avoid getting or spreading illness, such as washing your hands regularly and using antibacterial sprays in your home, but what about more long term solutions to protect your home or business against these invisible germs? An excellent recommendation to fight back against these dangerous microbes is installing a UV air purifier in your home. The purpose of a UV air purifier is simple, it uses ultraviolet radiation within your home or businesses ventilation system to kill off these resilient bacteria, molds, spores, viruses, microbes and more. This is a safe and effective way to arm yourself against illness because it does not emit any harmful or harsh chemicals, smells or substances in your environment, so even the most sensitive respiratory systems will not be negatively impacted. Additionally, they require very little maintenance and can be installed in a quick and simple fashion by the technicians of Strong Tower A/C and Heating.

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Beyond just cleansing the air of these harmful germs, a UV air purifier can actually assist in making your existing air conditioning unit run at its highest efficiency and reach its full lifespan with less complications. All air that passes through the purifier will be cleansed because the UV lights destroy the harmful cellular materials that live in the air. This offers your air conditioning unit protection against harmful mold, mold spores and other negative organic influences. This is useful as mold poses a major threat to air conditioning systems due to the moisture that collects from the evaporator coil. In a humid environment, such as that in Houston, your unit will have excess moisture and this can easily turn into a severe mold problem that is harmful for your health and home- not to mention expensive to remove.
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