Furnace Inducer Motor Replacement

Inducer Motor Replacement

Your Inducer Motor Disperses Air Across the Furnace Burner for More Powerful Function.

In today’s HVAC industry, you have a multitude of options for heating your home, including high efficiency choices that can save energy and cost. However, these models can still experience wear and tear or other damages that lead to malfunction in the system. Parts such as the furnace inducer motor help your high efficiency unit operate properly and may cause problems like warm air delivery and dangerous fumes if they fail. If you think you may require inducer motor replacement in Houston, TX, call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts at 281-802-0872.

What is a Furnace Inducer Motor?

The furnace inducer motor begins its job by removing any gases from the heat exchanger prior to ignition. After your heating system ignites and begins operation, your inducer motor moves oxygen over the burners creating more efficient operation. If your furnace inducer motor malfunctions, it can cause an absence of heat coming through your vents, or fire hazard from inefficiently cleared fumes. However, your system is equipped with an emergency shut off that locks down your furnace when the inducer motor isn’t effectively clearing fumes from the exchanger. For furnace inducer motor service that you can rely on around Houston, contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team first.

Expert Replacement Service

For the most experienced technicians in the business, contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals first. To ensure that your heating system is completely restored, we provide a complete inspection of your system and ensure that your damaged inducer motor didn’t stem from an underlying problem such as a thermostat or ignition problem. We go over all of your choices with you, delivering details including cost, material advantages, and lifespan to help you make an informed decision. If you need furnace inducer motor replacement that you can depend on, contact our professionals for an estimate!

Your furnace is integral in the function of your home. Ensure that it’s in optimal condition all the time with professional repair and replacement services provided by the knowledgeable team at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide inducer motor replacement in Houston, TX, among a wide range of other services (such as duct repair). Call our professionals today to schedule your appointment at 281-802-0872.