HVAC Blower Motor Repairs

HVAC Blower Motor

Both Systemic Inefficiencies and Isolated Part Failure Can Cause Your Blower Motor to Burn Out.

Your HVAC blower motor propels air into your ducts and around the house, essentially serving as the driving power behind your entire air conditioning system. Without a working motor, you can’t enjoy the cold, conditioned air that you know and love. Your blower motor is probably malfunctioning when you hear your air conditioner running but no air is emanating from your vents. Reach out to the specialists at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating whenever you require repairs or replacement service for your HVAC blower motor in Houston, TX. To arrange your system checkup, give our office a call at 281-802-0872 today!

Causes for Blower Motor Repair

There are many potential problems that will cause your HVAC blower motor to malfunction. Most cases can be divided into two types: confined part failure and system inefficiencies. Dirt-coated sections and leaks within your system are great examples of inefficiencies, which can cause early HVAC blower burnout. Leaky ducts alone can cause dramatic escalation in your energy consumption. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, duct losses account for 30% of energy usage in traditional forced air systems. Make sure your ducts are sealed properly! Other examples of inefficiencies include caked filters and condenser coils; all of these inefficiencies can degrade your motor until early replacement is unavoidable.

Your blower motor’s functionality is immediately affected by part failure, both within your motor and outside. If not replaced quickly, cracked bearings inside your motor generate a whining noise and damage your blower. Outside of your motor, defective thermostats and broken switches will prevent your blower from activating, or keep it running until it burns out. Speak with one of our experts about finding a part replacement if you notice this isolated failure.

Superior Service for Your HVAC Blower

You can depend on our heating and cooling professionals at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating to help your family with any challenges you may face with your HVAC blower motor in Houston, TX. Our professional will perform a full checkup for your system to ascertain what kind of service your blower requires. Once finished, we’ll walk you through each of your options so you can easily determine which solution is right for your home. For further details, or to schedule your system inspection, talk with one of our courteous technicians at 281-802-0872.