Heat Exchanger Replacement

Heat Exchanger Replacement

Your Heat Exchanger is Responsible for Handling Combustible Gasses, So Part Integrity is Crucial.

In your heat exchanger is where you furnace’s combustion process occurs to heat the system’s burners. The exchanger is a sealed metal compartment for combustion. When your heat exchanger is damaged or broken, these fumes can seep into your home’s air, causing dangerous breathing problems. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals can help defend your loved ones against hazardous gases released by a damaged exchanger. Contact our team today at 281-802-0872 to complete your Houston, TX heat exchanger replacement and get your furnace working correctly again.

Detecting Heat Exchanger Damage

Your heat exchanger is responsible for a safe combustion process. Inside the exchanger, combustible gas is fed to the igniter to light your system’s burners and start the heating process. However, intense heat causes expansion and contraction of the metal, and may cause your exchanger to come unsealed, offering an escape for harmful fumes. Light or water upon visual inspection means that your heat exchanger is leaking and needs to be replaced.

A flame variation can also indicate a leak. Jumping or trickling flames may reveal an improperly sealed exchanger. If you detect a leak, it’s important that you turn off the unit and call your local HVAC professional as soon as possible.

Expert Heat Exchanger Replacement

Heat Exchanger Replacement

Heat Exchanges Can Release Toxic Fumes if Damaged.

If you think you may have a problem in your system’s heat exchanger, call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts for affordable, effective part replacement. There’s only one team to rely on if your heat exchanger is broken or worn. Our seasoned professionals will replace your exchanger to get your heating system back to ideal condition.

Once your personal technician has completed an examination of the unit, they will discuss your options and related details including material costs, lifespan, and advantages so you receive the exact service you want. Our techs are experienced in all types of heating systems for fast, reliable repair. If you need heat exchanger replacement in Houston, TX that you can depend on, call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals first at 281-802-0872. We offer cost-effective service that stands the test of time.