HVAC Part Replacement in Houston, TX

HVAC Parts Replacement

Even the Latest Heating and Cooling Units Will Break Down Over Time Without Maintenance.

Your air conditioning unit is a labyrinthine mechanism filled with many gears and parts that help keep it functioning to supply people with air. With so many parts in your heating and cooling system, malfunctions are bound to happen eventually. If you don’t want to constantly phone for repairs, scheduling annual heating and cooling maintenance is a good way to simplify your HVAC care. Of course, you can contact us any time for HVAC parts replacement in Houston, TX by Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating by calling 281-802-0872.

HVAC Parts Replacement and Repairs Provider

There are many common parts that need repair in the HVAC unit. They tend to be the most used parts that get worn down from overwork. Issues that often arise with overworked parts are listed below.

  • Air Flow Meter: Sometimes referred to an anemometer, the air flow meter can evaluate air velocity, temperature, and humidity. Depending on what type of air conditioning system you have, your air flow meter might be able to perform pressure evaluations that find airborne particles.
  • Belt Fan Blower Motor: The belt fan blower motor is more commonly just known as the shorter word fan, and circulates the air throughout the home. If broken, you will notice humid or hot air.
  • Thermostat: Wired to the A/C system and located inside your office for ease of access, you can adjust the temperature you want the air to come out of your air conditioning system. Common troubleshooting issues with a thermostat are a dead battery or temperature settings being off.
  • Expansion Valve: If you are searching for the expansion valve, it is between two heating coils and regulates the refrigerant flow into the evaporator valve. Refrigerant is like car coolant for your home’s heating and cooling unit and helps keep your A/C pumps and valves oiled.
  • Evaporator Valve: When the refrigerant liquid enters the evaporator valve, it gets very cold and becomes a gas. The evaporator valve then sends cool air back out in the air conditioning system.
  • Compressor Valve: The compressor valve transitions the refrigerant gas back into its liquid state by pressurizing the gas in its pump.
  • Condenser Valve: The condenser valve filters the refrigerant to the evaporator coil to be administered into the air conditioning ducts as cool air.

Our Team Can Replace Your HVAC Parts

HVAC Parts Replacement

We’ll Help You Find New Parts For Your Aging HVAC Unit. Just Give Us a Call for Your Estimate!

If your HVAC systems seem to be struggling, phone us at 281-802-0872. Our courteous technicians will be happy to determine the cause of the issue and replace parts as needed. Our team wants to make your HVAC parts replacement in Houston, TX as convenient and simple as possible. You can learn more about our services in the links below!

  • Thermostat Repair & Replacement Get your old thermostat repaired, replaced, or upgraded and enjoy accurate cold and warm temperatures.
  • AC Parts Replacement If you have a malfunctioning air conditioner unit, don’t throw it away, and phone us for A/C parts replacement!
  • HVAC Blower Repair & Replacement If you need A/C blower repair or replacement, contact us today.
  • Inducer Motor Replacement The inducer motor helps to aerate the furnace or boiler by distributing warm air.
  • Pressure Switch Replacement A pressure switch detects high air pressure in the furnace and automatically shuts off to prevent fires or combustion, so replacement of this important device is crucial.
  • Heat Exchanger Replacement The heat exchanger shifts thermal energy, and examples are condensers and evaporators.
  • HVAC Relay Replacement To get your air conditioner unit functioning again, replacement of the relay is needed since it controls the starting of motors and compressors.
  • ECM Motors Replacement If you want your heating and cooling unit to run soundlessly, the replacement of your broken ECM motor is vital.
  • HVAC Hard Start Kits Replacement The hard start kit lets your heating and cooling system turn on quickly, which saves energy and money.