Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance

Make Sure Your Heating System Lasts for its Full Lifetime by Scheduling Regular Maintenance Each Year.

As cold weather approaches, your home’s heating system suddenly becomes very important. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating technicians ensure that your heating system is prepared for Winter by providing expert heating maintenance around Houston, TX. Our maintenance is both affordable and effective so you can rest assured that your heater is ready for whatever Winter throws at it. Dial 281-802-0872 to schedule your heating system maintenance in Houston, TX with our professionals today.

Heating Maintenance and the Importance of a Professional

Not only does inefficient heating lead to higher utility bills, but it can also increase the probability of fire and harmful fume inhalation. Proper heater maintenance can decrease these risks while delivering more effective heating for your home. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that our professionals identify each damage and weakness within your unit. We eliminate soot and build up from your combustion chamber and evaluate it for leaks, seam separation, or corrosion that can cause dangerous gas escape. We can clean your whole heating unit including the burners, coils, and gas valve so you can be sure your heater is efficient and effective all Winter long.

Superior Standards for Your Heating System

Heating System Maintenance

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Regular heating maintenance is an important part of caring for your HVAC system, since it allows our team to protect your family from carbon monoxide leaks by providing complete flu evaluation. Our comprehensive duct inspection and service identifies all tears, separation, and other problems that can hinder your ventilation. Contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating pros when you’re ready to get a quote for your system! Our experts have the experience and know-how to complete any service you’re looking for to get your heater back in optimal condition. We can deliver quality repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts for every type and model so you can rest assured that your heater is in optimal condition. Because carry a large assortment of replacement parts in case of repairs, we can provide faster service than many of our competitors. Our professionals deliver a comprehensive, inside and out inspection for your heater and use only the highest-quality materials and products provided by the area’s top distributors. For reliable heating system maintenance around the Houston, TX area, speak with the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts first at 281-802-0872.