Furnace Gas Valve Replacements

Gas Valve Replacement

If You Turn the Nob But No Gas Comes Out, Your Gas Valve Could Be Malfunctioning.

If your home’s heating system is furnace-powered, it uses a gas valve to provide the needed gases for combustion. When the gas valve is damaged, no heat will be produced by your unit. If you’re looking for reliable gas valve replacement for your Houston, TX furnace, contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team at 281-802-0872.

Common Gas Valve Failures

While your system’s gas valve is a small component, its purpose is crucial. Inside your gas valve is a main valve and a smaller safety valve. The main gas valve provides gas delivery to the burners while the safety valve provides gas to keep the pilot light lit. If one of these valves is stuck open or closed, it may lead to issues like loss of heat, gas and fume leaks, and total system shutdown. Being able to recognize the indications of a failing gas valve can save you the time and hassle of more serious damages.

There may be a problem with your gas valve if you’re experiencing a problem keeping your burners or pilot light lit. Gas valve damage can also be indicated by poor heat production, although this issue may also point to other degradation. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts will perform a complete evaluation of your unit to locate and eliminate your damages fast.

Gas Valve Replacement

A Faulty Valve Can Create a Leak or Refuse Gas to Your Heating System.

Advantages of Using a Professional

Although the gas valve is small, it’s imperative to the correct performance of your furnace. Your gas valve should be inspected at the first indication of an issue to prevent further damage in your system. Because of the dangerous gases controlled by this component, professional replacement is ideal. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts can deliver effective, reliable gas valve replacement as well as comprehensive system testing to ensure that your furnace is in top condition. We will offer service and repair options that fit any budget and can provide the knowledge and skill to complete your repair fast. Call our technicians now at 281-802-0872 to begin on your gas valve replacement in Houston, TX.