Heat Pump Repairs & Replacement

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat Pump Water Heaters Siphon Warmth From the Ambient Air to Produce Hot Water.

Hunting for a nearby, trusted HVAC service to supply your heat pump repairs in Houston, TX? If you desire affordable, adept service for your heating unit, come to the professionals at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating. Because we desire for every one of our customers to be fully satisfied with their heat pump repairs, each one of our courteous technicians is thoroughly trained and certified. Give our team a call at 281-802-0872 when you’d like a quote or if you need to schedule a system checkup. Countless homeowners in the community call our team first for all their heating and cooling services; find out why today!

Heat Pumps & Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Incredible energy savings is the dominant reason why many homeowners choose heat pumps for their homes. Gas heaters, and even electric models seldom compare to the modest energy usage rate of heat pumps. They absorb ambient heat from the surrounding space, making them a powerful fixture in warmer environments. It’s critical for heat pumps to be properly cared for with an annual inspection. Without an intermittent maintenance visit from a trusted professional, heat pumps can start performing at reduced efficiency. Faulty wiring, dirty coils, and other issues can also force your heat pump to strain itself when circulating air, which can lead to early replacement.

Where to Store Your Heat Pump

Heat Pump Repairs

You Can Anticipate Knowledgeable Advice and Impeccable Professionalism From Our Heat Pump Technicians.

To ensure optimal efficiency, heat pumps need to be stored in warm environments where they can draw upon the heat in the ambient air. Homeowners in warm climates typically choose an outdoor storage space, where their heat pump can feed off an infinite supply of fresh, warm air. As long as temperatures don’t drop below the required threshold (especially during winter months), outdoor storage is highly convenient. Other homeowners choose to store their heat pump indoors, usually next to the boiler system. If you’re searching for the perfect storage spot for your heat pump, you’re welcome to talk with one of our pros at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating.

With our energy-efficient heating systems, you’ll find lasting functionality and lower utility bills on a consistent basis. Our experienced technicians will be happy to answer any questions about our replacement service and heat pump repairs in Houston, TX. For more details regarding heat pumps or any other HVAC systems, call our experts at 281-802-0872.