Geothermal Heating System Service

You Could Save Tremendously On Your Energy Costs With Geothermal Heating.

Geothermal heating uses natural even temperatures from underground to warm your home. Also called underground heat pumps, these heaters deliver optimal warmth and comfort in the cold months. However, these heaters have a complex construction and require an expert for repairs and maintenance. When your system needs service, the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals are here to help. If you’re looking for geothermal heating repair in Houston, TX that you can trust, call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating techs at 281-802-0872.

Geothermal Heating, Explained

Geothermal heaters are unlike any other heating system. In order to properly install the underground coils that heat the water, these systems need substantially more space than a standard system. Geothermal systems circulate water or refrigerant through a series of underground loops where the liquid absorbs natural heat, and delivers it to an exchanger. The exchanger collects the heat and distributes it to your home. Closed-loop systems are usually horizontal, but can also be vertical (or lake or pond installed), and use refrigerant in its loops to absorb the heat.

Open loop heaters are installed with one end feeding into a water source which is used to absorb and delivers the earth’s heat. Once the heat is transferred, the used water is transferred back into the ground. Learn whether a geothermal heat pump is a good choice for your Houston, TX home by calling our experts.

The Advantages of a Geothermal System

If it’s time for a new heating unit in your home, you’ll want a system that delivers efficiency and performance. Geothermal heaters are recognized for their high energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low-maintenance. According to the Department of Energy, the high up-front costs will be overtaken by total savings in 10 years or less. In fact, geothermal heating can save homeowners up to 65% on their energy bills. These heaters contain minimal components so they are very sturdy and easy to maintain. When it comes to lifespan, nothing outdoes a geothermal heater with a life expectancy of 25 years for parts and 50+ year loop lifespan. When you need to schedule part replacement or geothermal heating repair in Houston, TX, call 281-802-0872 to speak with our professionals! Our experts are ready to help with any geothermal service, from new system installation to current unit repair.