Professional Central Heating Repair

Central Heating Repair

Is Your Central Heating Unit Not Functioning Like it Should? Call Our Team for an Inspection and Repairs!

Your home’s heater delivers warmth and comfort throughout the cold months. If it’s not operating like it did before, you need an experienced technician to perform repairs effectively and efficiently. Our experts can provide the Houston, TX central heating repair your home needs, no matter if your home has a furnace or a heat pump system. Give our team a call today at 281-802-0872!

Common Problems With Central Heating Systems

While most heaters are produced with strength and durability in mind, even the best system can have problems now and then. A broken thermostat may lead to off-balance operation and cold air delivery. A system that quits running, cuts off too soon, or delivers cold air may also have a damaged mechanical component such as the blower fan, sensors, or heating mechanism. Talk with our pros and get your central heater running at full force again! We’ll make sure your home is warm all Winter with professional central heating repair.

The Inside Scoop on Central Heaters

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Our Heating Experts Will Help You Make Sure!

Central heating systems come in two primary types: furnace units and heat pumps. Furnaces utilize a heating mechanism to provide warm air to your home. These systems may function on gas or electricity and deliver heat in any temperature. However, the components of your furnace, like the heating element, sensors, or ignition, could become damaged or worn, causing system failure. Heat pumps work by transferring warm air from outside to the air inside your home. While these systems are very convenient and efficient, they have a difficult time delivering very warm air in extremely cold Winter temperatures.

If your heating system is in need of repair, don’t wait. Speak with the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals to receive quick, effective service that ensures your home is always comfortable. Whether your system isn’t blowing or is only blowing cold air, our courteous technicians will fix it quickly and conveniently. When you need central heating repair in Houston, TX, dial 281-802-0872 for the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts!