Whirpool Repair & Service in Houston, TX

HVAC Repair Service

Whether You Need Repairs for Your AC Unit or Furnace System, We’ve Got You Covered!

Searching for a trusted local HVAC repair service in Houston, TX for your Whirpool system? Then come to the knowledgeable and helpful team at Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating for the affordable service you need. Call us today at 281-802-0872 for an estimate on repairs or part replacement for your Whirpool product.

Whirpool Air Conditioner Repair

For the better part of two decades, our HVAC technicians have provide affordable, lasting repairs for AC units. Time-sharpened skills enable our technicians to thoroughly inspect your system and quickly uncover the true source of the problem. We’ll inspect your system and talk with you about the issue, whether a leaky AC coil or an old thermostat is to blame.

Whirpool Furnace Repair

Furnace equipment is very sensitive as a whole; if one part breaks, your entire furnace may shut down. If your Whirpool furnace has broken down, we’d be happy to come out to your residence and inspect your system. If your furnace can’t provide heat as designed, why wait? Call our team today for an inspection and repairs!

Whirpool HVAC Parts Replacement

Our team keeps a broad selection of Whirpool replacement parts in case any of our clients have an emergency. Using this reserve equipment, our team can render repairs and replacement service faster than other HVAC services. If you want to guarantee that your family will spend less time waiting for HVAC replacement parts, be sure to contact our team first for repairs.

Whirpool Service Technician

Want to schedule an appointment with our HVAC repair service in Houston, TX? Call us! You don’t have to settle for a malfunctioning or under-performing Whirpool system. If your Whirpool HVAC unit needs repairs, call us at 281-802-0872 to schedule your service!