Whenever the seasons switch over, especially in a city as hot as Houston, it is important to have your air conditioning unit tuned up. This is because regular air conditioning maintenance is a crucial aspect of maintaining and preserving the health of your air conditioning unit. Whenever your air conditioner is tuned up it gives Read More

When it comes to something as important as air conditioning repairs, it is crucial to work with a company you can trust in your home or business. Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating has made it our goal since 2005 to build strong relations in the communities we work in, with all of the clients Read More

Jersey Village TX AC Tune Up Spring is here, meaning Houston is about to start warming up! Having a well functioning and reliable air conditioner, in your home or business, is more than just a luxury in this hot and humid climate, it is essential to our lives. Especially, in homes with vulnerable people, such Read More

Houston, Texas is known for having a hot and humid climate, that can be hard to escape no matter which season we are in. High levels of humidity have the ability to impact lots of things we use in our daily lives, such as, our air conditioning units. Some of these problems can be avoided Read More

This has been one of the most intense flu seasons ever recorded in American history, making it one that will go down in the books. While it is February now, we are still not out of the woods with an influx of highly contagious germs and viruses running rampant. Everyone knows the basic precautions to Read More

If you’re caring for your air conditioning system faithfully, it will give you service for many years.  Homeowners have to diligent in scheduling their AC tune-ups regularly.  The best time to schedule your service is usually late fall f or early spring.  This will guarantee an efficient running Air conditioning system before the warm weather Read More

A/C Check Houston It is important for residential and commercial air conditioning units to receive routine maintenance and service by a professional HVAC technician. This is critical to the lifespan and performance of your unit because if you are having annual inspections performed then you are more likely to catch a minor issue before it Read More

Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating is more than just an HVAC company. We are also a full service home contracting company. We specialize in multiple areas of home remodeling, one of those areas being home painting. Our Houston painting contractors take on both interior and exterior painting projects. Houston Interior Painters Do you want Read More

One of the most disruptive experiences homeowner’s can experience is elemental damage to their homes. When your home takes in water, either from a natural disaster, busted pipe, or faulty construction it is imperative to act quickly. Water is a sinister enemy when it comes to the integrity of your home- one that takes time Read More

Kitchen Remodeling Houston At Strong Tower AC & Heating, we know the kitchen is the heart of the home and we take that sentiment very seriously. That is why we make it our mission to provide all of our clients with the strongest designs every time. Designs that are not only visually pleasing but also Read More