Whole House Air Filtration Systems

Whole House Air Filtration

If You’re Wondering Why the Family is Having Allergy Problems, It Might be a Problem With Your Air Quality.

Whether your home is located in the city or in the country, your air supply could have bacteria, allergens, and germs that can cause inflamed allergies as well as respiratory illnesses. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating HVAC experts can help you fight back against particles in your air with the professional installation and repairs for your whole house air filtration system in Houston, TX. If you’d like an estimate for your residence, give our courteous experts at call today at 281-802-0872.

Your Whole House Filtration System Options

Each type of whole house filtration system is equipped with its own benefits and advantages. Extended media systems deliver filtration by using a reinforced filter which attaches to your system’s intake to filter your air as it enters the system. While these systems offer comprehensive filtration, they need semi annual filter replacement for optimal performance. Electronic filtration systems apply a charge to the particles entering your system and then extract them with an oppositely charged collection plate. Though these systems deliver maximum particle removal, they are also more expensive than other filtration options. UV filters can also be added to add power to your filtration system. While UV systems aren’t as efficient at removing allergens and solid particles from your air, they are exceptional for germ and bacteria elimination.

Professional Filtration Service That You Can Rely On

Our technicians identify your needs and deliver system choices that provide optimal air quality in your home. If you need experienced service for your whole house air filtration system in Houston, TX, contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team and receive the best service in the area. Our professional team discusses the information you need to make the perfect filtration selection for your home and performs installation and repair services that ensure your system keeps working effectively for its whole lifetime. Whether you’re considering installing a completely new air filtration system or looking for service on your present filter, our experts are ready to help. Find out about all of Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating’s whole house air filtration in Houston, TX by calling 281-802-0872. Receive your personal estimate today! The right filtration system could even improve your HVAC system’s energy-efficiency.