Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

There are Multiple Factors That Effect Efficiency. Your Unit’s SEER Rating and Duct Work are Just Two.

When choosing a new HVAC system, you need one that’s efficient as well as reliable. Today’s air conditioning and heating units are available in many types and models; each is rated not just for power and performance, but also for energy efficiency. Call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating technicians at 281-802-0872 to learn more about your selection of energy efficient HVAC systems in Houston, TX. We will walk you through every step of your project so you can rest assured that you’ll end up with the ideal HVAC system for your needs.

What to Look For

Your HVAC unit must be the correct size for your storage area to achieve optimal energy efficiency. While square footage is a crucial detail in what size your system should be, it also depends on factors such as flooring material and insulation performance. Another important detail for energy efficiency is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of your unit. Energy efficient units have at least a 13 SEER rating, but they can go to 20. This rating is calculated by dividing the amount of cold air delivered by the amount of energy used. To achieve optimal efficiency with your HVAC system, your SEER rating and the size of your unit must be balanced. Our professionals will identify your individual needs and provide viable options that are both reliable and affordable. We can also finish your service with duct optimization that ensures your air flows where it should.

Common Energy Efficient Systems

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Oftentimes, homeowners opt for a split system that uses an outdoor and an indoor unit. Though split systems are economical and offer effective heating and cooling, they can be susceptible to duct damage that can hinder its energy efficiency. Geothermal systems use the uniform temperatures of underground water to heat and cool your home, providing extreme efficiency and energy savings. These systems deliver superior energy efficiency but are quite expensive initially.

Mini duct systems are another top option that use smaller, more efficient ducting and can be installed in almost any space. Mini duct systems utilize high velocity pressure to force air through the duct system at a more powerful rate, providing more uniform coverage. Even though mini duct units provide substantial energy savings throughout their lifetime, they are usually more costly to purchase and install than a traditional split system.

Modern day energy efficient HVAC systems come in just about every type on the market, from geothermal systems to mini duct systems. Our experts will help you identify the best system for you and provide exceptional installation to ensure optimal performance.  Learn about our installation and repair services for energy efficient HVAC systems in Houston, TX and nearby areas by calling our technicians at 281-802-0872.