Repair for Your Central Air Conditioner

If Your Central AC Goes Out, You Could Be Facing Dangerous Temperatures Quickly.

One of the most active appliances in your home is your AC unit. If it begins to falter or slow, it can lead to uncomfortable, unfiltered air that spreads allergens and bacteria. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts can help get your air conditioner back to optimal performance fast. Our experts can repair your system quickly and affordably when you contact our technicians at 281-802-0872 to schedule your central air conditioner repair around Houston, TX.

Common Issues With Household Air Conditioners

While your central air conditioner was built to be durable and long-lasting, it could start to show signs of damage after several years of continuous use. Luckily, there are clues that can let you know that there may be an issue with your unit.

Problems With Refrigerant

Typically, this common issue can be fixed by recharging the refrigerant level in your system. However, you’ll need to need whether or not these low refrigerant levels stem from a leak. A professional can perform a pressure test to ensure that your system is operating correctly.

Part Breakdown

Component breakdown in your central air conditioner can cause improper operation and performance. Our experts are able to provide the information and service you need to come to the best solution for your needs. No matter if your AC coil needs to be replaced or you’re having a sensor malfunction, our experts can repair any air conditioning part to get your unit back to great.

Drainage Clogs

Central Air Conditioner Repair

It’s Difficult to Work at Your Home Office When Air Conditioning is Out.

Your air conditioner will drain more than usual in the warmer months from increased use. If your drain pan or lines are backed up, it could cause serious water damage in your home. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals will deliver a full inspection to ensure you have no clogs or blockages.

Before your central air conditioner needs emergency repairs, contact the team that gets results. We can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your system and provide feasible and effective repair options. Through carefully honed relationships with the area’s leading distributors, we can deliver only the best materials and products for your project. For central air conditioner repair around Houston, TX that you are able to rely on, call our experts at 281-802-0872.