Air Duct Sealing, Repair, and Installation

Air Duct Sealing

Leaky Air Ducts are One of the Largest Sources of Energy Waste in the Home. Make Sure Yours are Sealed!

Your duct system is responsible for conducting your freshly conditioned air throughout your home and into their intended rooms. When it’s not distributing your air efficiently, your leaky duct work could lead to high energy bills, uncomfortable conditions, and a higher danger of fire or carbon monoxide distribution. For efficient HVAC air control, your air ducts must be correctly sealed and in good condition. The Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating professionals offer very affordable duct sealing in Houston, TX, as well as repairs and replacement to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your HVAC system. Contact us today at 281-802-0872 now to learn more, or to schedule maintenance for your home.

Helping Your System By Sealing Your Ducts

Your air ducts are solely responsible for your home’s air distribution. When your ducts aren’t working well, you may have problems including discomfort, increased energy use, and even health risks. Your home’s indoor air quality may also be negatively affected by damaged air ducts, allowing bacteria, allergens, and other toxins to enter your air. Sealed air ducts also eliminate air leaks, maximizing the amount of controlled air delivered to your home. Not only does air duct sealing deliver optimal comfort and air quality, but it also keeps you protected from combustible gases like carbon monoxide that are released from your HVAC system.

Professional Air Duct Services

Air Duct Sealing

Looking for New Duct Lines? Ask for a Quote!

A thorough visual inspection from one of our certified technicians will identify key problem areas in your duct work. Cracked places in your duct system or tangled ducting will indicate that your ducts require service. Unseen symptoms including increased energy bills and uneven air control can also be signs of duct trouble. Our experts can complete a full evaluation and air duct pressure test for your Houston, TX home to identify your duct’s weak areas. Afterwards, they will provide you with a list of cost-effective and talk you through each alternative. Our experts deliver efficient, affordable air duct sealing in Houston, TX for every type of HVAC system. Whether you need installation, repairs, or sealing service, the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts have got your covered! Contact us today for all of your air duct repair, installation, and sealing needs at 281-802-0872.