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Air Conditioning Service

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If your AC fails, your home could be left hot and uncomfortable through those hot months of Summer. When you need reliable air conditioning service around Houston, TX, the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team is ready to help! We deliver convenient, efficient repairs and services for each kind of AC brand and model to ensure that your home is comfortable all Summer long. Call our experts now at 281-802-0872 to set up your service or repair appointment.

What’s Wrong With Your AC?

Even the strongest air conditioner can experience wear and tear or other malfunctions throughout its life. Learn what makes this Houston expert air conditioning service the best around by calling our technicians. We can locate and eliminate all problems within your AC unit.

Cycle Issues

Whether your unit cycles too often or constantly, you might have a faulty thermostat or a clogged filter. Continuous cycles can also be caused by a dirty evaporator coil, bad relay switches, or low refrigerant. For more severe damages such as these, enlisting the help of an experienced professionals is best.

Blows Warm Air

Make sure your filter isn’t clogged and your condenser is debris-free if your air conditioner begins producing warm air. Refrigerant leaks, a bad condenser fan, and dirty evaporator coils can also cause the warm air produced by your AC. These problems should be taken to your local air conditioning service in Houston, TX. You can call Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating at 281-802-0872 to schedule your home inspection.

No Power

An AC losing power can be caused by a simple problem like a blown fuse or breaker. If the problem continues or if the breaker doesn’t stop tripping, an experienced technician can assess your electrical system including the control board, wiring, and safety switches.

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Air Conditioning Service

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From standard air conditioning systems to mini duct systems, our home filtration and purification services ensure your home’s air is clean and healthy. If your air conditioner doesn’t perform like it once did, contact the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating team for quick, convenient service. We deliver a complete evaluation of your system to make sure that every problem is taken care of. We help you make the best decision for your home by delivering repair options and information such as cost, advantages, and longevity. We are also able to walk you through your replacement choices so you can be sure you’re getting the perfect system for your needs. Receive air conditioning service throughout Houston, TX that you can rely on when you call the Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating experts at 281-802-0872. Learn more about some of our available service options below!