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Jersey Village TX AC Tune Up

Spring is here, meaning Houston is about to start warming up! Having a well functioning and reliable air conditioner, in your home or business, is more than just a luxury in this hot and humid climate, it is essential to our lives. Especially, in homes with vulnerable people, such as the elderly or ill, who cannot withstand extreme temperatures. Do not wait for a breakdown  to contact Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating! The best way to avoid costly repair bills, wasted energy, and an efficient air conditioner is through regular tune ups.


Air Conditioning Maintenance Jersey Village TX

Whenever we send a technician to your home or business, they will do an in depth analysis of your air conditioning system. They will ensure all of the moving parts within your unit are well lubricated, to avoid friction that leads to issues. Additionally, they will be able to remove any debris or build up that may have made it’s way into your unit, before it has the chance to manifest into a bigger problem. Tests will be run on your system to gauge its strength and discover if your unit it working efficiently. This can help cut down energy costs by ensuring your unit is it top condition, allowing it to cool your home with less efforts.


Air Conditioning Company In Jersey Village TX

Since 2005, Strong Tower Air Conditioning and Heating has been providing high quality HVAC services to the Greater Houston area, including but not limited to Jersey Village, TX. We have been an active member of the community throughout this time, making it a priority to keep our clients satisfied enough to share their positive experiences working with us to their friends and family. When someone is working inside of your home it is of the upmost importance to be able to trust them to work with integrity. This is why it is our mission at Strong Tower A/C & Heating to work with Honesty, Quality and Value in all instances. Strong Tower A/C and Heating proudly serves The Greater Houston Area, including but not limited to: Bear Creek, Bunker Hill, Copperfield, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek, Jersey Village, Memorial Villages, Piney Point, Spring Branch and Spring Valley.  

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