Air Conditioning Maintenance and Tune Up Houston

If you’re caring for your air conditioning system faithfully, it will give you service for many years.  Homeowners have to diligent in scheduling their AC tune-ups regularly.  The best time to schedule your service is usually late fall f or early spring.  This will guarantee an efficient running Air conditioning system before the warm weather enters the Houston Area. Many companies offer Air Conditioning  Maintenance is Houston.  When choosing maintenance for your  Air-conditioning system, make sure you’re working with certified trained technicians. Regular air-conditioning maintenance and tune-ups.


What does an AC Tune up Include 

As spring approaches, homeowners prepare for the hot summers in Houston and surrounding areas .  AC Tune-up should be a priority during this time. Air Conditioning experts say.  “they way to maximize the efficiency and lifetime of your  ac system is to receive regular tune-ups.  Taking care of your air-conditioning unit keeps your energy bills low and prevents small problems form becoming big ones. Many homeowners want to know “what does an AC Tune up include.  Listed below are some basic features that are included in you AC Check up.  When a technician arrives at home he will provide some of the following features.  

  • Monitor volts/amps on fan motor 
  • Inspect filtration system 
  • Test water condensate and drain lines 
  • Check refrigerant for system leaks 
  • Tighten all electrical connections 
  • Check the blower wheel for balance and dust 
  • Check the pressure for the refrigerant 
  • Monitor the compressor for voltage 
  • Inspect the fan blades for cracks and balance 
  • Wash the condenser coil and remove any trash 

    These are a number of things that are done when your technician visits your hone for an Air conditioning maintenance and Tune up Check. Keep your air-conditioning unit running well.  An AC tune-up will ensure the longevity of your unit.  Call your service techinition today.  



    AC check up near me 

    Houstonians are preparing for a hot summer.  Part of the preparation is to protect and maintain their air conditioning system.  Generally in the spring, homeowners are looking for AC check ups from companies that service their area.  Contact a local company known for outstanding service.  For fast and efficient service AC checkup, call Strong Tower AC today.  


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